The AFITI Vision: To build and promote Economic Development among peoples of the United States of America and Africa.

AFITI Bridges 2019 Project

The goal of our first project is to support business and technology knowledge transfer between Africa and America.

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There are two primary objectives:

  • To support one or more American graduate student(s) travelling to Africa for study and research
  • To support one or more African graduate student(s) travelling to America for study and research
It is hoped that graduate students will seek to use these trips for graduate or post-graduate thesis work.

Program Budget

AFITI seeks to raise $25,000 to support two full trips during the fall of 2019. The anticipated duration for each trip is 8-10 weeks.

Project Description

AFITI is seeking proposals for study and/or research from graduate students. The focus of project will be business, technology and innovation related to African communities.

The goal of each research project is to explore how aspects of business, technology and innovation are being used in Africa, could be used in Africa, or are being used in exchange with other parts of the world.

Project Proposal Examples

  • Digital apps assisting local logistics in African urban communities
  • How IOT applications are assisting weather forecasting for agriculture
  • New approaches to funding African technology start-ups
  • The evolution of software development training in West Africa
  • The emergence of ecommerce trade between Africa and the Americas